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Matthew Jordan

EzyLay Roofing “asked me to choose from an entire range of reroofing techniques for my type of roof”. They delivered an amazing result it was quick, easy and fast without disturbing my household at all, which was a great deal for me. They understood that this sort of project can be very troublesome for any house owner. The old roof at my house needed immediate repair work and they finished the work quickly and was all done before I expected. I would strongly recommend Ezy Lay Roofing to everyone, who are facing any sort of difficulty with their roof. 

Chris Downhill

I wanted to get a new roof at my home and that is when I first came in contact with Nathan from EzyLay  Northern Beaches Sydney. They explained to me my roof was very old and the material that was on the roof definitely needed replacing and they had not used that type of material in roofing for a very long time.  At Ezy Lay Roofing they provided us with a choice of various metal roof finishes. The style of roof we chose used to be in contemporary designs and heritage roofing. Their service was very excellent and I was really impressed seeing their skilled workers and experienced supervisors. They showed professionalism at work and were courteous polite and respectful, as well as finishing on time.

Lisa Martin

When we moved back to our old house, we discovered that the roof was broken and it needed immediate replacement. We came to hear from a friend that EzyLay Roofing is one of the best roof design and maintenance companies in Sydney and we contacted them. They provided various designs in every kind of roof style we asked for. We selected metal roofing for our home and it was done in a very short period of time. We love the metallic look of the roof. I would like to recommend their service to everyone. 

Richard Looney

Last year I wanted to fix my roof as there were leakage problems. So, I contacted EzyLay Roofing. First, they fixed the leakage issues and then the told me how can I avoid spending a hefty sum of money on my roof repair. With a proper roof maintenance program at regular intervals, the life duration of the item increases and I would be able to save a lot of money. As we know, everything needs proper maintenance and to keep the roof lasting as long as possible was EzyLay’s recommendation. This was an honest quote as all the other roofing companies were proposing I replace the whole roof. EzyLay saved me thousands of dollars with an honest quote. My roof looks great and didn’t need replacing at all, thanks EzyLay for your honesty.

Ezylay Roofing

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