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Advantages of working with us

No hidden costs- As members of housing industry association, we at Ezy Lay Roofing keep nothing hidden from our customers. Everything is made clear beforehand and everything is 100% above board. We have no hidden cost and we provide you with a rock solid contract.

7-Year Guarantee

If you have a metal roof and want it to be replaced we guarantee all our work for 7-years. Metal roofing can be tricky, a lot of factors need to be kept in mind and moreover, the quality of steel that needs to be used should be high quality. EzyLay uses only the best materials enabling us to provide you with a 7-Year guarantee

Servicing The Northern Beaches For Over 20 Years

EzyLay has been servicing the northern beaches for over 20 years. We are the local roofing company you can turn to for high-quality work.  Over the span of 20 years, we have earned the trust of locals and have become the go-to roofing company when your roof needs help. We are honest in our approach and know how to stick to our timelines of getting the job done. You may source a cheaper quote but keep in mind will the tradesman do a good job, will they deliver on time?

Copper and zinc roofing

Copper, zinc and metal roofing has been popular in the recent years, the materials are used in the majority of modern buildings and designs. EzyLay roofing will provide you with the most recent and contemporary designs for you to choose from. Copper roofing also kills bacteria and it is not easily eroded.

Roof maintenance

Not only roof replacement, but roof maintenance is also one of the major services that EzyLay roofing provides you. If you feel like you can easily get more life out of your roof and you do not want to invest in another one, we will also fix your broken roof.

Metal roofing has been popularised lately and now many residential as well as commercial building owners prefer metal roofing over conventional styles. Metal roofing is a newer concept and not all builders or companies will be able to provide you with one. At EzyLay Roofing we bring you world-class metal roofing at unbelievable prices. We not only have the designs and quality, but our optimization techniques are also something one will be surprised with. Metal roofing not only looks classy and modern, but it also is very durable and need not be changed very frequently. These roofs are not too expensive compared to the old conservative roofing and the installation and implementation are also much easier. Providing high-quality copper or zinc roofing to you is not something that every other company will be able to do. Be it residential roof or commercial roofs EzyLay Roofing has made their mark in each sector.

Ezylay Roofing

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